America is set up based in a small rural town surrounded by the rich nature of Oregon Sukyapusu WESCO is born by founder John Henry Shoemaker in 1918. At the time in the world of wood amount of pride The Logging Capital of the World and called have been Michigan, is beginning was to get the making technology of Roggazubutsu. Then, Bradley Shoe Company moved to Portland, Oregon, asked for further chance, after it has been entrusted with the production and repair department at Goodyear Shoe Company, and to launch an independent WEST COAST SHOECOMPANY in 1918 . Joint Works of NEIGHBORHOOD × WESCO, the company is proud of lace-up boots in the name machine “JOBMASTER” to base, an innovative custom model that changed the leather color of the quarter part and the counter part of the outside and the inside (heel) Production. To achieve the backstay loop specification of which can not be attached in a normal 6-inch height, “Lace to Toe” gem 2 face specification is included in eyelet that connects the racing pattern of. Adopts a thick leather lace oil has penetrated into the race, equipped with a high VIBRAM 100 sole safety and durability in the sole. We also want to focus on the color variations using a 7 oz navy leather is a Japan limited color.


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