R-1 / C-VEST



1940’s, the motif has been developed in order to mount a survival tool, such as weapons and communication machine “C-1″ the best, the silhouette and pocket shape modifier. It was added equipped with a large pocket on the back “R-1″ best. New approach capable of accommodating from essential small gadgets in modern urban life to PC “bag wear”. FABRIC: COTTON 100SPECS (Length) 59 (shoulder width) 36 (Width) 49M (Length) 62 (shoulder width) 38 (Width) 52L (Length) 65 (shoulder width) 40 (Width) 55 actual products depending on your monitor ※ Please understand that it might be slightly different from the color. In addition, because it has undergone a special washing process, there is the case that there are individual differences.


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