¥12960Classic surf shorts using the

cotton × polyester. Rare as a normal surf shorts, because that is equipped with a side pocket, it is also widely active as a town youth. Comes with a key hook on the back pocket, full specifications weep for eyelet also with. FABRIC:. POLYESTER 65 COTTON 35SPECS (West) 82 (hip) 110 (Rise) 25.8 (inseam) 20.5 (hem) 27.1M (West) 87 (hip) 115 (Rise) 26.3 (inseam) 21.5 (Hem width) 28.1 by L (West) 92 (hip) 120 (rise) 26.8 (inseam) 22.5 (hem) 29.1XL (West) 97 (hip) 125 (rise) 27.3 (inseam) 23.5 (hem) 30.1 ※ your monitor it might be somewhat different from the actual color of the product. In addition, because it has undergone a special washing process, there is the case that there are individual differences.


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