2011 年 inexpensive, such as a plastic material with unique and fashionable, and above all aim to create comfortable shoes, Italy began founded in the Adriatic sea of ​​Ravenna “HENRY & HENRY”. Do all of the production from the material still in Italy, produced a NEIGHBORHOOD bespoke color from among the stock is color samples in more than 60 colors was to meet the needs of the customer. In addition to the rich colors, joint work model to achieve both the high cost performance. MATERIAL: RUBBERSPECS (37-38 / 25cm-25.5cm) M (39-40 / 26cm-26.5cm) L (41-42 / 27cm-27.5cm) XL (43-44 / 28cm-28.5m) ※ your Please understand that it might be slightly different from the actual color of the product by the monitor. Also, please understand that it may be size specifications are different depending on the product.


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