1940’s, based on the tanker scan jacket that has been developed in order to tank soldiers (tanker) to wear, the material was adopted back satin to enjoy the uneven feeling and the Atari “TANKERS”. Hand Warmer, which is provided on the front is changed to D pocket from the flap type. Narrow the minimum design with an emphasis on movement of in the tank to meet the modern needs of the urban mill specs wear you modify. FABRIC: COTTON 100SPECS (Length) 63 (shoulder width) 42 (Width) 51 (sleeve) 62.5M (Length) 66 (shoulder width) 44 (width) 54 (Sleeve) 65L (Length) 69 (shoulder width) 46 (width) 57 ( Sleeve) 67.5XL (Length) 72 (shoulder width) 48 (width) 60 (sleeve) 70 ※ Please understand that it might be slightly different from the actual color of the product by your monitor. In addition, because it has undergone a special washing process, there is the case that there are individual differences.


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