relaxed and the silhouette of the balloon-type, left foot of the line is a feature 11oz denim BDU shorts. A new approach to symbolize the season representing the NEIGHBORHOOD own view of the world that dropped the denim essence of the military hardware. FABRIC: COTTON 100SPECS (West) 84 (hip) 107 (Rise) 31.5 (inseam) 23 (hem) 24.7M (West) 89 (hip) 112 (Rise) 32 (inseam) 24 (hem) 25.7L (West ) and the actual product by 94 (hip) 117 (rise) 32.5 (inseam) 25 (hem) 26.7XL (West) 99 (hip) 122 (rise) 38 (inseam) 26 (hem) 27.7 ※ your monitor it might be somewhat different from the color. In addition, because it has undergone a special washing process, there is the case that there are individual differences.


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