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10oz Military denim “WASHED. KF”. While it based on the design of China jacket, the front of the opening and closing the double specification of zip and China button. Whole to put the washing, rubbing and Atari feeling, such as drip, true value is of NEIGHBORHOOD narrowing made of vintage wear just like that expresses in every detail the well-worn expression. FABRIC: COTTON 100SPECS (Length) 64.1 (shoulder width) 42 (Width) 52 (Sleeve) 58.5M (Length) 67.1 (shoulder width) 44 (Width) 55 (Sleeve) 61L (Length) 70.1 (shoulder width) 46 (width) 58 ( Sleeve) 63.5XL (Length) 73.1 (shoulder width) 48 (Width) 61 (Sleeve) 66 ※ Please understand that it might be slightly different from the actual color of the product by your monitor. In addition, because it has undergone a special washing process, there is the case that there are individual differences.


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