1900’s beginning, denim at the time many of those light-ounce than the current ones, because was too heavy, such as the existing leather jacket in reverse, is devised to compensate both of drawbacks, widely coveralls was to distribution. Pocket watch is also in this production was “HUTLAS”, tobacco, pen, the basic specs of the time that we arranged efficiently carry pocket and glove follow. Gem that can glimpse the headwaters of the frontier spirit that played also bag role of workers. FABRIC: COTTON 100SPECS (Length) 63 (shoulder width) 43.5 (width) 53 (Sleeve) 60.5M (Length) 66 (shoulder width) 45.5 (width) 56 (Sleeve) 63L (Length) 69 (shoulder width) 47.5 (width) 59 ( Sleeve) 65.5XL (Length) 72 (shoulder width) 49.5 (width) 62 (sleeve) 68 ※ Please understand that it might be slightly different from the actual color of the product by your monitor. In addition, because it has undergone a special washing process, there is the case that there are individual differences.


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