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Is a classic jersey pants Y-3 “Y-3 CLASSIC TRACK PANT” is Needless to say long-selling item. Simple slim pants has been loved for many years with the same material of the TRACK TOP. Seasonal model which has been subjected to this season of the graphic on the front. It can be worn in the setup. One of the mast hub items of Y-3 that can be coordinated regardless of the season. ※ because of different arrangements of color and pattern on each point, please understand. ■ M CL TRACK PANT / classic track pants ■ BR6521: AOP CONTINUUM “Y-3″ (Waisuri) of “Y” is Yohji Yamamoto, “3” represents three lines (the Three Stripes) a symbol of adidas. adidas sports specialized collection of technology and functionality and Yamamoto sports fashion brand Yohji design is fused “Y-3″ is, men’s / women’s wear, footwear, are configured at the beginning and the accessories bag.

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