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It was inspired from the runner, the speedy silhouette smart “Y-3 ARC RC”. Coated textiles, stretch mesh, leather, the overlay of the TPU in suede combination plus. Excellent resilience and Poron® made sockliner that combines shock absorption was adopted, realizing wear comfort and weight reduction. ■ Y-3 ARC RC / arc RC ■ S77211: CORE BLACK / BLACK IRIS Y-3 / AMAZON PURPLE F14 “Y-3″ (Waisuri) of “Y” is Yohji Yamamoto, “3” is three lines that symbolize the adidas it represents the (Three stripes). adidas sports specialized collection of technology and functionality and Yamamoto sports fashion brand Yohji design is fused “Y-3″ is, men’s / women’s wear, footwear, are configured at the beginning and the accessories bag.

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