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It is a classic polo shirt of Y-3 “Y-3 CLASSIC POLO” is Needless to say long-selling item. Classic items containing the Y-3 of matte rubber printed on the left sleeve. This season of Seasonal color type. Adopt a new material which adopted the sustainable production process environmentally friendly. All fibers used is 100% organic cotton with reduced use of consumption and chemicals for water and energy. Regular fit. ■ M CL POLO / classic polo shirt ■ BR6548: BLUSH GREEN S15 “Y-3″ (Waisuri) of “Y” is Yohji Yamamoto, “3” represents three lines (the Three Stripes) a symbol of adidas. adidas sports specialized collection of technology and functionality and Yamamoto sports fashion brand Yohji design is fused “Y-3″ is, men’s / women’s wear, footwear, are configured at the beginning and the accessories bag.

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