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“Y-3 BOXING” is, fresh ingredients and combinations of, EVA low wedge midsole feel more alert design. . Slim silhouette from boxing shoes were inspired. Iconic side laces system that combines beautifully the three main line of simple yet, and highlights the sleek design. In addition to the use of quality and good resilience and Poron® made sockliner having both shock absorption rubber sole, by opening wear and tan lightweight padded, while suppressing the entire voluminous with comfort Y -3 is a classic shoes. ■ Y-3 BOXING / Boxing ■ S82116: UTILITY BLACK / CORE BLACK / REFLECTIVE SILVER “Y-3″ of (Waisuri) “Y” is Yohji Yamamoto, “3” is three lines that symbolize the adidas the (Three Stripes) it represents. adidas sports specialized collection of technology and functionality and Yamamoto sports fashion brand Yohji design is fused “Y-3″ is, men’s / women’s wear, footwear, are configured at the beginning and the accessories bag.

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