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Upper with movement a dynamic line and soft was realized progressive aesthetic “Y-3 FUTURE LOW”. Over the last design uppers wrap the midsole, to achieve a casual look, pursuing the finishing comfort with excellent TPU overlay durability. Equipped with a speed racing system. Excellent resilience and shock absorption for both the EVA adopted (= synthetic resin) of the midsole and Poron® made sock liner, thereby realizing a wear comfort and weight reduction. ■ Y-3 FUTURE LOW / Future low ■ S82133: AOP CONTINUUM / AOP CONTINUUM / CORE BLACK “Y-3″ (Waisuri) of “Y” is Yohji Yamamoto, “3” is three lines (Three Stripes to symbolize the adidas ) to represent. adidas sports specialized collection of technology and functionality and Yamamoto sports fashion brand Yohji design is fused “Y-3″ is, men’s / women’s wear, footwear, are configured at the beginning and the accessories bag.

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