[NOTE1] Not including shipping fee and other cost. It depends on your addres and items.
We will reply final price :)
[NOTE2] After we bought them, you cannot cancel the order because we lost its cost.
[NOTE3] We will not send you Fashion bags and cut the shop tag,
because if it looks brand new , Customs might oblige you to pay import duties.
(sometimes,unlucky, they oblige you to do it. In that case, you need to pay tax)
[NOTE4] Please let me deal following flow.

1. We will send paypal invoice, if you can agree with estimate sheet and !NOTES!.
2. Please wire money with paypal.
3. We buy items.
(If we couldn’t buy 1 or 2 items of 3 items you want, we will pay back what we could’t buy.)
4. We send you them with EMS(We can trace where is our items).

This is the sample estimate sheet.

2015/12/26 13:49:51 JPY USD
PRODUCT_PRICE_[itemA_black_Msize] ¥15,000 124.75
DOMESTIC_DELIVERY_COST/1item ¥1,000 8.32
MARGIN_SHOPJ(15%) ¥2,250 18.71
FIRST_DISCOUNT -¥1,000 -8.32
>>FINAL_PRICE ¥24,050 200

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*Subject(Please let us know this shopping.)

*Your Message(Please let us know item's URL if you know.)

*Please check here if you agree with !NOTES!


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