[N.HOOLYWOOD] DW-5600NH G-SHOCK (952-AC06pieces)

19440円(税込)[N.HOOLYWOOD] is the DW-5600NH G-SHOCK (952-AC06pieces). From G-SHOCK to continue to evolve in pursuit of toughness, is subjected to a new guise to protect the hard cases, it appeared model DW-D5600P gained immense popularity in the 1990s. Form design equipped with a protector becomes a reputation among young people who prefer extreme sports, in the 1990s of street fashion scene, and has been strongly supported. One of the favorite who continue to be fascinated by the G-SHOCK from this time, N.HOOLYWOOD designer Daisuke Obana. It announces collaboration model that becomes the first time in the last year. One of the whole body commitment pulled, the more it is difficult to obtain, has gained tremendous popularity. Then, in August 2015, it will be announced the long-awaited second time become N.HOOLYWOOD tie-up model. Model similar before, give the entire surface and shiny EL backlight to red, the chic impression in the tough design, matte black belt. In addition, to face up or down to printing the original specs of this model. Engraved specs of NHTPES the case back. This season to change the button again to black, and update to a more stoic impression. Of N.HOOLYWOOD unique, was born inspired by US culture, the logo package of double name is produced. Casual scene, of course, and finished in an adult one to be active also in the formal style. [Item detail] – Shock structure (resist shock) Inorganic glass 20 ATM water resistant – Stopwatch (1/100 seconds (00’00 “” 00~59’59 “” 99) / second (1:00 ‘ 00 “” to 23: 59’59 “”), a total of 24 hours, with a split) timer (set unit: 1 minute, set up: 24 hours, measured in seconds, auto repeat) Multi-Alarm Times – Full automatic – 12/24 hour display switching · EL backlight (with afterglow function) Flash feature sound information (Alarm / Hourly / timer linked emission) – Accuracy: ± 15 seconds per month difference – Battery life: about 2 years [QUALITY] RESIN [SIZE] (N x W x D) / Weight: There are some errors by 48.9 x 42.8 x 13.4mm / 53g products

[N.HOOLYWOOD] MA-1 (152-BL02pieces)

62640円(税込)[N.HOOLYWOOD] is the MA-1 (152-BL02pieces). Using the good jersey and soft, it is MA-1. [QUALITY] RAYON 66% NYLON 29% POLYURETHANE 5% RIB: ACRYLIC 60% WOOL 40% LINING: POLYESTER 100% INNER: POLYESTER 100% [SIZE] 36: Length 65m Width 57cm shoulder width 48cm length of a sleeve 64cm38: Length 67m Width 59cm shoulder width 49cm There are some errors by sleeve length 65cm commodity

[N.HOOLYWOOD] MA-1 (252-BL03peg)

60480円(税込)[N.HOOLYWOOD] is the MA-1 (252-BL03peg). Lightly warm, it employs a little tight silhouette sense of volume, rather than making that profound feeling of military items, has become a finish which you can wear more fashionable. Street-like wide can accommodate from style to sophisticated mode style, of course as the outer, is also recommended wearing as Layered items as an inner coat. Using the functional materials PERTEX, to prevent wind and rain, windproof, it has been making good at warmth. [QUALITY] NYLON100% RIB: WOOL50% ACRYLIC50% LINING: RAYON100% INNER: POLYESTER100% [SIZE] 36: Length 63cm width of a garment 56cm shoulder width 46cm sleeve length 64cm38: There are some errors by Length 65cm width of a garment 57cm shoulder width 47cm sleeve length 65cm Product


19440円(税込)[N.HOOLYWOOD] is TURTLE NECK SWEAT (152-CS05pieces). The turtleneck was tailoring in sweat with a rib, sporty wear one. The Raglan specification to give the missing to styling, I feel N.HOOLYWOOD seems tricks. And because not even feel the moko with while fabric feel that you and casually, it is useful likely also as an inner. [QUALITY] POLYESTER 64% COTTON 32% POLYURETHANE 4% [SIZE] 38: There are some errors by Length 67cm Width 58cm Sleeve length 83cm commodity